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Sensory Basket

Sometimes are sessions incorporate our senses and how we interpret the world and our environment around us. This can be a great way to develop an understanding of others and how we all experience our surroundings in different ways.

Equine Assisted Learning can be particularly beneficial for learners who are neurodiverse. Sessions can explore sounds, smells and textures as well as visuals. in a recent session we listened to the noise the ponies made when they were eating different things for example crunching a carrot or eating hay. We had discussions about how some of us like the sound of a horse munching but dislike the sound of a person eating loudly and how some of us like the sound of stones crashing together but not the screech of the handle on the metal gate.

The smell of the horses is a smell which can bring back happy memories for some of us.

We have created a sensory basket with samples of the animals hair and the learners had a go at guessing what belonged to which animal. some of the horses hair had been felted and mane and tail hair rolled into springy balls. Theres also some dog and puppy fur balls in there...


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