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Foraging Herbs & Plants For The Ponies

One of the activities we do at Willows Nook is foraging for herbs and plants that are beneficial for the animals. This can be a fun activity learning and identifying the different plants.

In the wild the ponies would browse and naturally select plants that have medicinal benefits.

(It is important to only feed plants to animals that you know are safe for them to eat. especially the goats as they will have a try of most things even if they are poisonous!!)

We have cleavers popping up around the edge of the field. Also known as ‘sticky weed or sticky Jack’, cleavers grow well in hedgerows, overgrown or wild flower areas and around trees.

Believed to be a natural tonic, it is an excellent herb for toning and supporting the lymphatic system, (the system responsible for cleansing the body)

I picked some on the way into the field today, Hilda tucked in but Oak didn't seem too impressed.....


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