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Bee'ing in the moment!

Our Hooves and Nature sessions on a Saturday are varied and fun, sometimes the outcome isn't what is expected.

We try and facilitate sessions as best we can so they can be learner led. This particular session allowed us all to really slow down and submerge ourselves in nature through the leadership of the learner.

The learner found a bee on the goat house ramp who looked like it had seen better days... They picked it up gently and searched for the 'perfect' flower to place the bee onto. We sat and watched the bee recover and drink nectar from the dandelion, we observed its super long tongue we examined its fuzzy soft body, delicate wings and fat hairy legs. We spent the session getting to know 'Forget me not' the Bee.

In conclusion; If the session had been rigidly planned, result focussed and NOT learner led we wouldn't have had such beautiful experience.


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